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Jonny S.

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#ChangeTheNow participants must complete modules centered around the Design Thinking process. Passport stamps are awarded as modules are completed.
My Mobius Module Incomplete
Team Canvass Module Incomplete
Changemaker in Residency Week Incomplete
Empathize Module Incomplete
Define Module Incomplete
Ideate Module Incomplete
Prototype & Test Module Incomplete
Pitch Module Incomplete
ME=WE Module Incomplete

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  • JS
    commented on Reducing Food Miles & Waste Challenge - SDG #13, Winter 2023 2023-02-16 12:21:52 -0800 reducing_food_miles_waste_winter_2023
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The #ChangeTheNow is a community of global Changemakers, working together to innovate on the positive change we need to see in our communities for 2030 and beyond!