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An Invitation to Join #ChangeTheNow

In 2018 Georgian College, Canada’s first Ashoka Changemaker College, wanted to know if they could mobilize students from kindergarten to Post Secondary into a movement, effectively building a region of Changemakers. It was from here that #ChangeTheNow began.

Do Good to Do Well

#ChangeTheNow was created on the beliefs that small acts can lead to big change and collaborations can turn into largescale movements. We believe together students’, educators’ and communities’ ideas can spark systems shifts that make will make our communities greener, healthier, safer, stronger and more inclusive!

Will you join us in creating the positive change and contribute to 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals?

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Join a Community of Changemakers

When you join #ChangeTheNow, you will enter into a global community of virtual changemakers, championing real-life positive social change in their local communities. Your goal will assemble an #ChangeTheNow Innovation Team and then chart your own changemaking journey, in bringing a social innovation idea to life.

  • Profile picture for Sharon Mathew
    I am a full qualified Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) affiliated to Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). I am currently pursuing Global Business Mangement in Georgian College and has completed three semesters finding a place in Dean's list
  • CK
    As a SSW student, I am passionate about seeing the world change for the better. If I can contribute to that impact, even in the smallest way, I will do what I can.
  • Profile picture for Arjav Patel
    Hello everyone, My name is Arjav Patel. I am Vice President of Changemaking at your GCSA Barrie
  • Profile picture for Jermy Mariya Rajan
    I am Jermy, an international student at georgian college, enrolled in the social service worker. From, change the now i will extend my ways of learning and make even the smallest change i can in the community.
  • Profile picture for Amelia Omoruyi
    I am very out-going, ambitious and try to be creative.
  • Profile picture for Sachu Joseph
    Hi, I am Sachu Joseph. Hope I should have a great time to be change maker.
  • Profile picture for Jeen simon
    Hi, I'm Jeen Mariya. I live in Orillia and I am 2nd year student in CYC.
  • Profile picture for Victoria Correia
    I am a second year student at Georgian College enrolled in the Child and Youth Care course
  • Profile picture for Naz Bell
    My full name is Nazahnee but I go by Naz!
  • Profile picture for Andrea Cox
    I am a mom to a 17 year old daughter and a lover of the outdoors. I believe with a positive mindset anything is possible.
  • Profile picture for Destiney Colyer
    My name is Destiney Colyer, I am a single mother of a 4 month old baby boy and face many struggles within my community that I would love the try and change.
  • Profile picture for Sanjose Poly
    Hi, I am Sanjose Poly. I am enrolled at Social Service Worker course for my 3rd semester and currently participating at ChangetheNow at Georgian college for my placement.
  • Profile picture for Bonnis Benny
    Hello everyone, it’s me Bonni here. I’m a social service work student at Georgian college. I really happy to be a part of the changthenow programme and looking forward to work with you guys.
  • Profile picture for Aswin Vinodu
    hey this is Aswin ,and I'm here to change the new things and to explore more in the changethenow.
  • Profile picture for Allen Biju
    I'm Allen Mathew, I'm an International student currently enrolled in SSWK.
  • Profile picture for Noyal Devassy
    Hi, i am Noyal. I am enrolled in social service worker at my third semeseter
  • Profile picture for Gurjot Singh
    I'm an international student. I'm 19 years old. I'm currently enrolled in third semester of Social Service Worker program.
  • Profile picture for Dakshina Khulal Basnet
    I am an international student from Nepal here in Canada currently enrolled in Social Service Worker and i am in 3rd semester of my course
  • Profile picture for Jermaine James
    Hi, I'm Jermaine and I'm quite an insightful individual who loves what he does; enjoys meeting new people, and getting to know them genuinely; very charismatic but quite simple. I believe strongly in impacting positively the lives that I engage on a daily

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