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An Invitation to Join #ChangeTheNow

In 2018 Georgian College, Canada’s first Ashoka Changemaker College, wanted to know if they could mobilize students from kindergarten to Post Secondary into a movement, effectively building a region of Changemakers. It was from here that #ChangeTheNow began.

Do Good to Do Well

#ChangeTheNow was created on the beliefs that small acts can lead to big change and collaborations can turn into largescale movements. We believe together students’, educators’ and communities’ ideas can spark systems shifts that make will make our communities greener, healthier, safer, stronger and more inclusive!

Will you join us in creating the positive change and contribute to 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals?

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Join a Community of Changemakers

When you join #ChangeTheNow, you will enter into a global community of virtual changemakers, championing real-life positive social change in their local communities. Your goal will assemble an #ChangeTheNow Innovation Team and then chart your own changemaking journey, in bringing a social innovation idea to life.

  • Profile picture for Basil Avarachan
    As a social work student, I would like to help others, and I am sure #ChangeTheNow would be a great platform. I like to interact with new people and like to play cricket. I currently work in a health care center, Group home and I love it.
  • Profile picture for Jennifer Carter
    I am a second career student and I am a full time mom. I lvoe to be outdoors as much as possible. You will usually find me in the woods, or near a beach. My dog's get most of my free time, and when I have down time for myself I enjoy cooking, cleaning
  • Profile picture for shinto Anto
    Hai am a social service work student in Georgian college , I took this course because am so interested to help others
  • Profile picture for Albin Jomon
    Hi Everyone, my name is Albin. I am an international student from India. I am enrolled in Social Service Worker program in Orillia campus. I like travel and drive.
  • Profile picture for Toms Joseph
    Iam Toms Joseph, 3rd semester SSWK student from Orillia Campus
  • Profile picture for Jithin John Paul
    Hi all, myself Jithin, Once a kid has had an idea, built a team and changed her world, she's a changemaker.
  • Profile picture for Albin Benny
    My name is Albin benny. I am a social service worker. As a changemaker i would like to do something new tomy society.
  • Profile picture for Sarath T Dominic
    I am from south part of India, Kerala. I love socializing with people and make new friends. I also love to watch movies and hangout with my friends and family.
  • Profile picture for Amirpouya Ghasemi
    I love empowering people to be the best versions of themselves. I'm from Iran, 21 years old.
  • Profile picture for Wing Yi Chan
    Hi guys, my name is Wing Yi, I'm from Hong Kong
  • Profile picture for Charlie Changemaker
    I am a Changemaker looking to build connections and making positive change!
  • Profile picture for Mukti Suvedi
    I am a coach, mentor and teacher, I like to add values in life of others.
  • Profile picture for Arman Preet Kaur
    I will be a good educator in future and will use new techniques to solve the problems of children
  • Profile picture for Anmoldeep Kaur
    I am a good listener and own the capability to reflect from multiple perspectives to conclude appropriate solutions to any problem.
  • Profile picture for tori geroux
    I am a stay-at-home to my 2 daughters and I am on a journey to be the best Early Childhood Educator I can possibly be. Working with children and being apart of their growth is what brings me the most joy!
  • Profile picture for Carla Hanisch
    I am a mom, chef, former farmer, and now, mature student. Social and environmental impacts are considerations in my everyday lifestyle choices and deeper values. I hope to be part of positive change in the world.
  • Profile picture for Nneka Osuji
    I am Nneka. Early Childhood Education Department, in Georgian College, 1st year winter semester.

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