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After completing the "HCDT Stage: Define" module in the #CTN Community Network, answer a short reflection question on your experience.

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How might you explain the value of you having a systems-thinking mindset when attempting to define and understand a complex problem?

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  • Profile picture for Nikhil Sharma
    Aug 27, 2022

    The systems thinking mindset helps us to understand the different parts of a particular problem. It helps us to solve the problem as well as other issues that might arise due to that problem or its solution. The iceberg model helped us to understand the root causes of the problem and the connected issues.

  • Profile picture for Priya Sood
    Aug 18, 2022

    While defining and understanding a complex problem, the systems thinking mindset helps i understanding the different parts of the problem, to see the big picture and help to achieve the desired results. We worked on the iceberg model that helped us in getting a greater understanding of the problem and its root causes.

  • Profile picture for Navnitakumari Vaidya
    Aug 18, 2022

    Defining a problem takes a lot of time when we identify the main points of them and discuss those points, also it is challenging and difficult. However, when we understand the main concept of system thinking this will very helpful in solving the problem, moreover, then we can understand the main point easily.

  • Profile picture for Vishnu Sudeesh
    Aug 3, 2022

    The idea of thinking is enough to give a person a reason to stare. Systems thinking is a method to understand and help in problem solving. Usually if a problem arises we try to solve it but through system thinking we are able to solve everything that comes around that problem.

  • Profile picture for Sharon Joji
    Aug 3, 2022

    Defining a problem itself will take action to understand the consequence. Generating the back story for the problem can get to the root cause of the issue. At the same time, it cannot be just a hypothesis; more objectifying evidence is necessary to understand the condition.

  • Profile picture for Girish Sekar
    Aug 1, 2022

    A mindset more than a prescribed practice, systems thinking provides an understanding of how individuals can work together in different types of teams and through that understanding, create the best possible processes to accomplish just about anything.

  • Profile picture for Meera Sasikumar Nair
    Jul 31, 2022

    I could never think in this way before while considering the problem I was focusing on. While discussing and discovering the causes of the problem that we deal with, we had to take a lot of time to find the relevant points or ideas. But when we used the systems-thinking pathway, things were working out easily than before. We could arrive at relevant points much quicker than before.