Complete Your "HCDT Stage: Ideate" Reflection

After completing the "HCDT Stage: Ideate" module in the #CTN Community Network, answer a short reflection question on your experience.

🤔 Reflection question

How might ideation help you develop your active listening skills to brainstorm and reflect on ideas effectively with your team?

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  • Profile picture for Nikhil Sharma
    Aug 27, 2022

    The ideate stage was a little confusing at the beginning, but it provided us with a fresh perspective to look at the issue and brainstorm and listen to the team's ideas. Listening to other ideas helps us to broaden our perspective and helps us to think in a different way.

  • Profile picture for Priya Sood
    Aug 18, 2022

    The Ideation stage included intense brainstorming, looking for different ideas and how might each idea could fit in the ideate canvas was something that our team struggled with. However, it helped us to think with a different perspective and in generating different ideas to solve the problem. As completing the ideate template, we listened to each others' ideas and discussed those with each other, and it was great to improve our team's active listening skills.

  • Profile picture for Navnitakumari Vaidya
    Aug 18, 2022

    The ideation process was very tough and time-consuming for us. As everyone shares their idea in the team and out of them we choose some particular ideas it is very confusing for us, but, it’s very beneficial for our team as after that we think out of the box to find some new ideas. Moreover, the ideation goal is to generate a large number of ideas to give a better solution.

  • Profile picture for Vishnu Sudeesh
    Aug 9, 2022

    The main aim of ideation is that idea of expanding the solution and designing the team to find solutions easily and also sharing views and trying to evaluate each ideas plays a important role in better success of the team.

  • Profile picture for Sharon Joji
    Aug 9, 2022

    The thought process flows through random ideas and focusing on one particular task can be difficult. When sharing ideas in a team, questioning our instincts can be one way to keep focus. patience and time for others is yet another achievable quality to accomplish. Focusing on listening rather than talking can find clarity in our minds as well as a common ground for everyone to share views.

  • Profile picture for Meera Sasikumar Nair
    Aug 8, 2022

    The thinking process was a struggle for us as we had to discuss for a long time to generate ideas earlier. But, after doing the Ideate stage, we found that developing ideas was much easier as the template that we used which is the Fast Idea Generator helped us a lot. While placing a problem in one cell under the normal rule and evaluating the ways in which those can be bend, stretched or broke was very interesting and all the team members were engaging very well as it involved a fun element too. We guess these kind of Idea generators will definitely help a team to think out of the box to find the possible changes that can happen to an existing rule or problem.

  • Profile picture for Girish Sekar
    Aug 8, 2022

    It creates new team dynamics. Ideation techniques are designed to help you push boundaries and think out of the box. Analogous thinking, coming up with the worst possible solution for something, challenging long-standing assumptions and reverse thinking are all strategies that help you think in new innovative ways.