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Catherine Kosch

As a SSW student, I am passionate about seeing the world change for the better. If I can contribute to that impact, even in the smallest way, I will do what I can.
Georgian College
Social Service Worker
I want to be a Changemaker because...

I want the world to be a place that is less challenging for everyone in it.

My Changemaker Pathway

Policy Maker iconI am a Policy Maker

I want to work with multiple groups of people to design, develop and model new policies that promote social change.

My UN Sustainable Development Goal
Good Health & Well-Being

As part of #ChangeTheNow, I’m working on solving UN Sustainable Development Goal 3: ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

My Passport Stamps

#ChangeTheNow participants must complete modules centered around the Design Thinking process. Passport stamps are awarded as modules are completed.
My Mobius Module Incomplete
Team Canvass Module Incomplete
Changemaker in Residency Week Incomplete
Empathize Module Incomplete
Define Module Incomplete
Ideate Module Incomplete
Prototype & Test Module Incomplete
Pitch Module Incomplete
ME=WE Module Incomplete

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About #ChangeTheNow

The #ChangeTheNow is a community of global Changemakers, working together to innovate on the positive change we need to see in our communities for 2030 and beyond!