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What session inspired you the most during Changemaker in Residency Week, and why?

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  • Profile picture for Arman Preet Kaur
    Dec 14, 2022

    The most interesting session was about the pitch. We showed our full contribution by sharing ideas on that topic.

  • Profile picture for Anmoldeep Kaur
    Dec 14, 2022

    The empathy workshop session was my favorite one as we were taught how to empathize with a different set of people. I got to know the foundations of empathy and who we must empathize with. That session inspired me to comprehend situations by putting ourselves in others’ shoes. We did an activity during the session in which we were divided into pairs of two and given some time to share our stories and the other person had to listen and fill out the empathy form. It inspired me a lot as I understood that to understand someone’s problem, we must broaden our mindset. It inspired me to work on myself in order to deeply understand the problems going on in our world, I shouldn’t be thinking from my perspective only. As we brainstormed the stakeholders and role played as stakeholders, we understood the root causes and got more dedicated to work on it as we could relate ourselves to the conditions and problems which were emerging.

  • Profile picture for tori geroux
    Dec 14, 2022

    The workshop that inspired me the most was the “Define Workshop.” The reason why I was inspired the most during this workshop was because there were some very informative videos played regarding the problems within the education system that I learned a lot from but also could relate to as well. I enjoyed learning about the iceberg model because it is very simple to use and helped me organize and process my concerns, thoughts, and ideas in a manageable way. I will use the iceberg model in the future whenever I am trying to overcome an obstacle or create a solution to a problem.