Complete Your "HCDT Stage: Empathize" Reflection

After completing the "HCDT Stage: Empathize" module in the #CTN Community Network, answer a short reflection question on your experience.

🤔 Reflection question

After learning about how to empathize with the people affected by your SDG’s social issue, how you might apply empathy to working with the members on your CTN Innovation Team?

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  • Profile picture for Arman Preet Kaur
    Dec 14, 2022

    We ought to respect the opinions, beliefs, and values of others. By carefully listening to them, we can demonstrate our respect for them. Then, we should share our opinions.

  • Profile picture for Anmoldeep Kaur
    Dec 14, 2022

    I will listen thoroughly to whatever my teammates will be discussing and talking about their experiences. Then I would put myself in their shoes and try to think from their perspective. This would help me to develop a good bond with my teammates. Only after that, we would be able to work as a team. I can understand how they might be feeling about a particular situation and how I can assist them. I would be able to understand our pains and gains and how to deal with them.

  • Profile picture for tori geroux
    Dec 14, 2022

    I can demonstrate empathy in my innovation team by putting my own feelings and opinions aside and shift focus on my team members and their different perspectives. I will also take into consideration that every individual is unique and comes from different cultures and environments which means everyone has their own beliefs. With that being said, I will show empathy by respecting and valuing my team members differences and ensuring that I show them support as well as advocate for them when necessary. This means I will shut down any negative comments that include stereotyping and/or discrimination and encourage positivity and kindness by demonstrating it myself. Having empathy is key to building strong relationships and developing great team working skills!