Complete Your "HCDT Stage: Pitch" Reflection

After completing the "HCDT Stage: Pitch" module in the #CTN Community Network, answer a short reflection question on your experience.

🤔 Reflection question

What did you learn about publicly sharing your ideas that you will carry with you in your future of work?

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  • Profile picture for Jennifer Carter
    Dec 19, 2022

    There is so much involed in creating an effective pitch. From point of view of the presenter to the esthetics to how you present it (in person, recording, email etc). Story telling is a great way getting the attention of potential funders/supporters. We used 4 stories to apparoch a providing a comfort measure to people in wheel chair needing public transportation in the winter. This was my favorite part of the program. Bringing all the organized chaos to an attractive presentaion promoting a need for change.

  • Profile picture for Gurjot Singh
    Dec 18, 2022

    It can be difficult to talk openly about an individualist viewpoint. Furthermore, it is the strength that reveals our potential for incompetence. This transitions into a period of reflection. At the same time, the concept might serve as a goal for a fresh strategy or a concept that the entire society will consider.

  • Profile picture for Sachu Joseph
    Dec 17, 2022

    I realised how important it is to communicate your views to others since they might be able to bring about the change we want to see in the neighbourhood. Along with your own, it's crucial to get everyone's ideas and opinions, as those could influence how you improve the idea. I discovered that we can all try to alter the community by sharing our opinions. Additionally, it is better to have other people's opinions and thoughts added on top of your own.

  • Profile picture for Jeen simon
    Dec 16, 2022

    I discovered how crucial storyboard planning can be and how many different elements go into crafting a compelling narrative that many readers can relate to. The significance of crafting a message that people can broadly and intensely connect with will stay with me. This will help me share my ideas publicly with confidence and without fear of failure, which will help me as a future changemaker.

  • Profile picture for Andrea Cox
    Dec 16, 2022

    I have learned that everyone has ideas and the more that we share our thoughts and ideas the greater chance we have at making change. Sharing your ideas can be scary and vulnerable, however, it takes courage and collaboration with others to take an idea and build upon it. This process has confirmed for me that change-making is a path I am meant to be on.

  • Profile picture for Destiney Colyer
    Dec 16, 2022

    I learned how important it is to share your ideas with others, because maybe those people can make the change we want to see in the community. It is also important to gather everyone views and opinions on top of yours, because those could help you make the idea better.

  • Profile picture for Victoria Correia
    Dec 15, 2022

    I learned that with sharing our ideas other people can try to make a change within the community. Also that it is better to have different views and peoples ideas to add on top of yours.

  • Profile picture for Naz Bell
    Dec 14, 2022

    I learned about how important planning your storyboard can be and how may different parts go into making a strong and moving story that many people can understand and feel involved with. I will take with me the importance of creating a message that people can connect with widely and deeply. This will benefit me as a future changemaker because it will help me share my ideas publicly with confidence and without fear of failure.

  • Profile picture for Basil Avarachan
    Dec 13, 2022

    We learned how to effectively express our thoughts by sharing stories during the Pecha-Kucha presentation that we participated in. The abilities to give a presentation and engage in casual conversation, which are both necessary to make a presentation engaging, are important talents that will be useful in the future.

  • Profile picture for Amirpouya Ghasemi
    Dec 12, 2022

    The presentation and small talk skills required to make a presentation interesting are valuable skills to be used in the future

  • Profile picture for Jermy Mariya Rajan
    Dec 12, 2022

    By disclosing our ideas to the world, we leave ourselves up to diverse viewpoints, views, and recommendations on the idea. By adding the elements that could have been overlooked, it might aid in further developing the concept. The Pecha-Kucha pitch presentation taught us how to better communicate our ideas via storytelling.

  • Profile picture for Albin Jomon
    Dec 11, 2022

    It is wonderful to get the opportunity to showcase our views. It also helps us improve our communication skills, and most significantly, it allows us to share our views and ideas on a public platform. It aids in the comprehension of various ideas and points of view, which eventually aids in the comprehension of the subject matter.

  • Profile picture for Jithin John Paul
    Dec 11, 2022

    By disclosing our ideas to the public, we leave ourselves open to a variety of reactions, suggestions, and criticisms. By adding the elements that might have been overlooked, it can help the idea become even better. We learned how to tell stories to more effectively communicate our ideas through the Pecha-Kucha pitch presentation.

  • Profile picture for shinto Anto
    Dec 10, 2022

    About its presentation, I gained a lot of knowledge. These are incredibly practical tips for academic work as well as upcoming employment. We also get a lot of feedback whenever we share our ideas on a public platform, which I believe is crucial for everyone to know their weaknesses and strengths. The above feedback is also crucial for every SSW going forward. It also helps us get better at communicating, and most importantly, it helps us improve our teamwork. Realizing some concepts might be extremely hard at times. But, in my view, everyone can appreciate our thoughts if they are stated quickly and clearly.

  • Profile picture for Wing Yi Chan
    Dec 10, 2022

    I learned a lot about how to present a product. For example, the font, the pictures, and the length of the presentation. These are very useful tips, for school works/ future work as well.

  • Profile picture for Dakshina Khulal Basnet
    Dec 9, 2022

    Sharing our ideas publicly really helps us to build a confident and also got to know our ability and our strength and got to know everyone's idea and perspective towards this project. Basically, it help us to enhance our communication skills too and the most importantly every time we share our thoughts and ideas in public platform, we get a lot of feedback on it which i think is very important for everyone to know their mistakes and their strength which is also very important for every SSW in future.

  • Profile picture for Shantel Williams
    Nov 11, 2022

    sharing our ideas publicly can be very nerve racking and show a sense of vulnerability that can make you pretty uncomfortable, it can also give you good feedback and give the option of debate and gives you more opinions and perhaps you learn things you didn't know prior to you sharing your ideas. I know sometimes when I share things with my boyfriend, he educates me on things I wasn't aware of. That can be helpful for our future career choices.

  • Profile picture for Nikhil Sharma
    Aug 27, 2022

    Publicly sharing our ideas helps in building self-confidence and self-esteem. It helps us in understanding different ideas and opinions, which ultimately helps in improving the understanding of the subject matter.

  • Profile picture for Navnitakumari Vaidya
    Aug 18, 2022

    Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand some ideas. But, in my view, if present properly and effectively everyone can understand our thoughts. So, if we use pechkucha we can easily define our idea in the community, and also it is making the use of pitchers and create a perfect story so, that every age group of people can easily understand easily. Moreover, everyone can give their feedback and recommendation through this and this is beneficial for the make changes in the future.

  • Profile picture for Priya Sood
    Aug 18, 2022

    By sharing our ideas publicly, we open ourselves to different opinions, recommendations and suggestions about the idea. It can help in further improving the idea by including the components that might have been missed. The Pecha-Kucha pitch presentation helped us to learn to present our ideas in a more effective way through storytelling.