Complete Your "HCDT Stage: Prototype & Test" Reflection

After completing the "HCDT Stage: Prototype & Test" module in the #CTN Community Network, answer a short reflection question on your experience.

🤔 Reflection question

How might the prototype & test stage help you with overcoming a fear of failure or challenging your assumptions about what is ‘right’?

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  • Profile picture for Nikhil Sharma
    Aug 27, 2022

    prototyping and testing the idea helps us in understanding the risks associated with the idea and the ways in which the idea can be improved further to meet the stakeholders' expectations and needs. We learned that an idea cannot be perfect without prototyping and testing it again and again to remove imperfections. It helped us to overcome the fear of failure by teaching us to continue working on a task until the required result is attained.

  • Profile picture for Girish Sekar
    Aug 18, 2022

    Prototyping is the key part of the design thinking process and also offers quick and low-risk inputs from the users. The prototype is an early sample or model of a product built to test a concept or process.

  • Profile picture for Priya Sood
    Aug 18, 2022

    Prototyping helps in testing the idea to see if the idea meets the required criteria for success. It helps in understanding what would work and what won't, and what are the things that we need to change in the idea to make it more practical. Prototyping helps in knowing the shortcomings in the idea and in eradicating those shortcomings.

  • Profile picture for Navnitakumari Vaidya
    Aug 18, 2022

    Prototyping is very important because it is very necessary to test the idea before implementing that idea. As a testing result gives the idea of how they succeeded, and we know what problems and challenges they face and how we solve that issues and become successful during the implementation of a particular idea. This challenge is very important as we know about the actual situation we face.

  • Profile picture for Vishnu Sudeesh
    Aug 14, 2022

    Actually, I realised during the design thinking process that I should frequently produce prototypes and have them ready to test with users. We will have a better understanding of how to make adjustments by testing with users.

  • Profile picture for Sharon Joji
    Aug 14, 2022

    An idea cannot be implemented without testing. It has to go through the experimenting stage. Multiple tests can give multiple results, As we reach a stage of finding cumulative similar results and errors we become more confident to rectify the errors and find the right solutions. This challenge makes us more stronger and the whole experience becomes a learning process.

  • Profile picture for Meera Sasikumar Nair
    Aug 13, 2022

    As I understood, prototyping is creating a model of what we need to actually create. As a result of that we will forcibly be pushed into an actual scenario and will have to face, analyze and overcome the risks associated with it. This will definitely help us in experiencing how to deal with such situations and become successful. The fear of failure can be treated appropriately as we will be learning everything by actually facing it.