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After completing #CTN, answer a short reflection question on your experience.

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After completing CTN, what new awareness do you have for yourself (ME) and your community (WE) and what is one action you might take to continue to explore it?

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  • Profile picture for Himanshi Himanshi
    Aug 17, 2023

    After completing the CTN journey, I've gained a great understanding of the intricate relationships between my own development and the health of my community. I've come to understand how integrally connected my individual journey is to the community's overall development. My desire to find harmony between my goals and the needs of the community is motivated by this newfound insight. I intend to actively participate in community-based projects that fit my interests and skills in order to keep developing this awareness. By contributing to projects that have a beneficial impact on the community, I may create a stronger link between my individual growth and the advancement of others, living up to the ME=WE principle I ingrained throughout the CTN programme.

  • Profile picture for Bhavin Lalwani
    Aug 16, 2023

    After completing the Change the Now (CTN) program with an emphasis on SDG 11, I have a greater understanding of how urban growth and sustainability are intricately intertwined, both for me and for our larger community. Personally, I've learned to appreciate the necessity of forming greener habits and the possibility for individual deeds to have an overall influence on our communities. In order to bring about long-lasting beneficial change in our urban surroundings, I have come to understand the need of promoting collaboration among diverse stakeholders, from local government to community organizations. I intend to keep learning about this understanding, participate in frequent talks and seminars that promote sustainable living, and attend neighborhood planning meetings to make sure that sustainable development is a top priority for the neighborhood.

  • Profile picture for Aashish Dulhani
    Aug 12, 2023

    My time with Change The Now helped me understand myself better, showing me how I can make good things happen in our community. I learned a lot about how communities can grow in a good way. Now, I know that I can help bring positive changes. To keep exploring, I can share what I learned with others, talk about it, and work together to keep making our community better with the lessons from Change The Now.

  • Profile picture for Aarzu Narsidani
    Aug 10, 2023

    Mindfulness among understudies about lodging tricks is significant and that is the thing we learned is absent locally yet required without question. To that end our site will help in spreading mindfulness. I will keep on spreading data about tricks for understudies who are coming to Canada to assist them with figuring out the different issues.

  • Profile picture for Jisha Jose
    Aug 10, 2023

    After finishing CTN, I have a better understanding of myself and my community. I realized that by sharing my experiences, I can help others and create connections. I will not to ashamed or worried to start a group to help others if any such situations arise from which everyone in the community can benefit from.

  • Profile picture for Niyati Gujral
    Aug 9, 2023

    After completing this project with CTN , i am thankful to the team for giving us such opportunity to wok on a project where we can come up with ideas and solutions to an issue which is commonly faced by students studying in college. I being an international student could really relate well to the issues being faced while i worked on this project. The awareness i have about my self and my community is it is always useful and important to be aware of rules, laws and regulations in whichever place you stay in respect of housing is one such area. One action which i will take to explore is keep learning.

  • Profile picture for Mohima Dutta
    Aug 8, 2023

    The first thing I learned is that it's important to take the first step in order to make a big change. I believe that taking this step towards housing for the international student is the first step and me and my team will make sure to continue it by providing all te information they require in order to have a safe and affordable housing.

  • Profile picture for Sylesh Suresh
    Aug 8, 2023

    Awareness among students about housing scams is important and that is what we learned is missing in the community but needed very much. That is why our website will help in spreading awareness. I will continue to spread information about scams for students who are coming to Canada to help them understand the various issues.

  • Profile picture for Mukti Patel
    Jul 21, 2023

    After completing the CTN (Collaborative Transformation Network) project, I (ME) have developed a deeper awareness of my own strengths and areas for growth as a team member and a leader. I have learned the importance of empathy, active listening, and supporting others to foster a more productive and harmonious team environment. Moreover, I now understand the significance of social issues addressed by our SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) and the impact they have on our community (WE). To continue exploring this newfound awareness, I might take the initiative to organize workshops or discussions within our community to raise awareness about the SDG's social issue and its implications. By engaging with the community, sharing insights, and encouraging empathy-driven conversations, we can collectively work towards finding innovative solutions and making a positive change in the lives of those affected by the issue.